Quick Response Pet Tags

A unique concept that benefits everyone seeking a swift return of a lost pet.

When the finder scans the code on the pet tag, the system automatically opens a chat between the finder and the owner - on Whatsapp.

This means they can chat, share location, and in need the finder can even share a pic or video of the happy pet with the anxious owner. So all the benefits of this popular app are made available via the pet tag!

Take the necessary precautions with your pets by fitting them with quick response pet tags.

How it works

  1. The pet tag has a QR code on it.

  2. A FINDER will intuitively scan the QR code to make contact with the OWNER of the lost pet.

  3. The scan connects the FINDER with the OWNER on Whatsapp.

When a tag is purchased, the Owner will scan the pet tag to activate it. They register, submit a pic of their pet via Whatsapp, and within 24 hours the QR code is activated.

The next time the QR code is scanned, it will seamlessly connect the finder to the owner on whatsapp.

Retail Pricing

R85 per tag


There is a R100 delivery fee for delivery anywhere in South Africa.