Quick Response Pet Tags

As part of its social responsibility program, Pirates Club will donate R15 per pet tag sold

to the animal charity of your choice.

How it works

  1. The pet tag has a QR code on it.

  2. A FINDER will intuitively scan the QR code to make contact with the OWNER of the lost pet.

  3. The scanning of the QR code automatically opens a Whatsapp chat between the FINDER and the OWNER.

When a tag is purchased, the Owner must scan the QR code on the pet tag. This first scan opens an online registration form. They register, submit a pic of their pet via Whatsapp, and within 24 hours the QR code on their pet tag is customised & activated.

The next time the QR code tag is scanned, it seamlessly connects the finder to the owner, on whatsapp.

Tap on the pup's photo to open a Whatsapp chat with his owner!

Retail Pricing

R85 per tag