The PRA Smart Pet Tag Initiative

Caryl - this could be an opening paragraph introducing the PRA Smart Pet Tag Initiative and asking for residents' indications of interest. 
So the initial bulk message would be short and sweet and could include this page's url. Once they land here you can explain the rationale for the initiative in this introductory paragraph.
Please end the paragraph with
"The PRA Smart Tags are made of stainless steel with watertight domed stickers.
To experience how it works for a Finder of a lost pet who scans the tag please click HERE... "

How it Works

  1. The pet tag has a QR Code on it.

  2. A Finder will scan the QR Code to make contact with the Owner of the lost pet.

  3. When a tag is scanned, a Whatsapp chat opens automatically between the Finder and the Owner.

When a tag is purchased, the Owner must scan the pet tag to activate it. This initial scan starts a registration process.

Within 24 hours of registration, the pet tag service will be active.


There are two components to the pricing of the AWOL pet tag service.

  1. The initial purchase price is R100 per tag (your call Caryl - this is suggested retail price for the tag). This initial purchase price bundles the cost of the pet tag and its 12 month subscription into a discounted R100.00 per tag.

  2. The annual subscription for the web-based service (R100 per annum).

The next subscription payment will be in 12 months time. That fee will be R100.00 per annum (so the cost of the service is effectively R8.33 per month, per tag). The organisers will contact all users one month before the anniversary of their purchase to request the next annual subscription fees.

The choice to subscribe to the service beyond the initial 12 months subscription is, of course, completely voluntary.

Notice to existing users of the QR Pet Tags

If you bought your tags from Parkview Vet or any other Vet for a once-off price of R85.00 plus VAT (so no annual subscription), please be advised that that was an introductory offer intended to reward early adopters of this innovative service. So any tag numbered PT1 - PT400 will never attract annual fees. Thanks to the early adopters for their support!

Please indicate your interest in participating in this initiative by completing and submitting the Whatsapp form below. You will then be contacted by the PRA to finalise the purchase and delivery of your PRA Smart Pet Tags.

or we can use this online form with the annoying 'find the bus" game ...
Name E-mail Order quantity Whatsapp Number Delivery address Submit

Tag Replacement Policy

A new tag will be exchanged for any tag that is broken and returned to the point of sale within 60 days of activation. Delivery costs, if any, are payable by the client.

After 60 days, replacement tags may be purchased at a reduced cost of R65 per tag. The QR code that is replaced will be cancelled.