The Taglinks QR-coded pet tags

 - how it's going

We launched the QR-coded pet tags in March last year (2022). You were one of the early adopters. The  reward for the buyers of the first 400 QR-coded pet tags was no annual subscription if the PT number on the tag is under 400.

Since those early days the tags have changed significantly. I don't know which tags you bought initially but there were first some very thin stainless steel tags from China City. They proved flimsy and were soon replaced with what I was led to believe were unbreakable perspex tags ... right! We finally settled on the current model - 25mm stainless steel tags. We haven't had a breakage since.

Also, the tags are now fully automated, in that when you activate a tag you scan it, complete the little online form, upload a pic of your pet and press Submit. The tag is immediately active.

The tags are now carried by many vets across Johannesburg. As well as several vet shops like Cat Box Hyper, Ziggy's Pet Pamporium in Melville, Lifestyle Pets at Lifestyle Centre, Pets Paraphanalia in Parkhurst, Bella Mia at Victory Park Shopping Centre and even at Walkhaven Dog Park . We are currently in the process of supplying The Crazy Store with tags for their national 450-store chain of stores. 

If you were unhappy with your original purchase but still think it's a great concept, contact me and we'll make a plan to make up for your bad experience with a 50% discount for the next 12 months.