1. The Pet Tag Service

A QR-coded pet tag on your pets.

A pet is lost.

This is what a Finder of a lost pet sees on their phone when they scan the QR code on the pet tag:

My name is Matilda

and I'm lost!

Please tap on my pic

to chat with my owner

on whatsapp!

(tap on the pic ... )

2. Tags on Valued Items

A QR-coded tag on your valued items like car and house keys, back-packs, school uniforms, luggage and valuable equipment etc.

On key rings and other items of value, the functionality assists with the recovery of misplaced items by also connecting Finder and Owner on Whatsapp.

But with the taglink on key rings there is also an additional benefit. In an accident or emergency situation where the owner of the keys is incapacitated, a paramedic or Good Samaritan will scan the QR code on the keys and will find next-of-kin contact details as well as personal medical information that could potentially be life-saving.

Taglinks take various forms, from domed stickers on steel tags to normal stickers, to iron-on stickers for expensive items of clothing.